Technical is the understanding of how machinery and complex technology works, both for purposes of building it and taking it apart. While it’s complemented by an advanced Education, Technical can just as easily be the result of getting your hands dirty and having a natural feel for how things work.
Characters with a high Technical include ship engineers, mechanics, and, frequently, pilots.

Overcome Obstacles
Engineers are essential aboard ship because a skilled engineer can modify and repair vital parts of the ship. Technical covers all mechanical and electrical parts, including the ship power plant and life support. Technical covers all hardware. Repairs and modifications to software require the Systems skill.
Technical tasks require the right tools, the necessary parts, and enough time. On-the-fly repairs and system rerouting can take place during ship combat. 

Someone with Technical,the time, tools, and materials can also build custom items. 

Engineers can use their knowledge of physics and material to make detailed assessments of objects. Engineers can often assess value, spot materials that can be used to jury rig temporary repairs or machinery, or spot flaws in buildings, ships, or smaller items.
An engineer who can gain access to plans or design documents can also determine any  anomalies or secret weaknesses in an object or building’s design. This is especially useful for finding overlooked access points or structural flaws.

As with assessment, Technical declarations typically involve pointing out details about physical items or buildings. Typical Technical declarations cover structural weaknesses that are about give way, warning indicators, or other such declarations about problems with an item.

Place Maneuver 
Technical is also the skill for unmaking things. Given time and tools, an engineer can topple virtually any building or structure. In those circumstances, Technical works like a very peculiar combat skill, possibly resulting in maneuvers or weirdly indirect attacks, like setting up a bridge to collapse when someone walks across it. Again, the right tools are required, as is enough time to work on a given item in order to break it. Materials are less important, unless the engineer is using explosives. 


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