The Survival skill is all about the ability to endure and thrive in various environments through wits and training, whether in a crowded city, remote asteroid habitat, or natural environs like a jungle or desert—including the scientific skills to survive on an exoplanet. It also includes training and
handling animals.

Overcome: You use Survival to overcome obstacles relating to your environment, such as finding your way through rugged terrain, avoiding dangerous xenofauna, or gathering edible food and potable water.   Additionally, Survival can be used to treat a consequence akin to being a field medic, provided you have the proper supplies and time.

Create an Advantage: You use Survival to create aspects based on direct observation of your surroundings— finding an escape route in a debris-filled building, noticing someone sticking out in a crowd, tracking an animal or person, etc. You might also use Survival to declare that your character spots something you can use to your advantage in a situation, such as a convenient Xenofauna Shortcut when you’re trying to find your way out of dense exoplanet terrain or a Forgotten Vent Access in a habitat's infrastructure.  For example, if you’re in a barroom brawl you could make a Survival roll to say that you spot a puddle on the floor right next to your opponent’s feet that could cause him to slip.
Survival also allows you to create aspects based on using or manipulating your environment, such as making a trap or a foxhole, scrounging for supplies, building a shelter or tools, and
otherwise altering the environment to suit your needs.

Attack: Survival isn’t used for attacks, though it can be used to indirectly harm or trap someone by creating a trap.

Defense: You can use Survival to defend against any uses of Infiltrate to ambush you or to discover that you’re being observed.


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