As a skill, Vehicles is all about driving and piloting, whether the vehicle in question is a Lancer, a Warframe, a Starship, or a jetpack. Characters in Omega Point who are adept at this sort of thing seem to have a broad facility with all manner of transportation, so one skill covers it all. 

Accomplish movement in the face of difficult circumstances, like rough terrain, turbulent conditions, tight clearance, or stunt driving. Obviously, Pilot is also ripe for vehicle-oriented contests and challenges, such as a race.

Determine details or aspects about a route or another vehicle. This could take the form of an aspect like knowledge of a Convenient Shortcut or another vehicle’s Structural Defect. Otherwise, see the description of Athletics and make it about a vehicle instead. This skill typically creates advantages through good positioning (On Their Six), pulling off fancy moves (Perfect Drift), or putting your opponent in a bad spot (Pull Up! Pull Up!).

Counter attacks in a physical conflict. This is one of the most common uses of Pilot.

Counter attempts to create an advantage against you. This may include using your vehicle to block passage or cut someone off, effectively impeding movement. You can’t use this to get another vehicle out of harm’s way, unless you can literally push their vehicle with your own.


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