Physique reflects the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance. Where Athletics is about skillful body movement and coordination, Physique is about door-busting power.

Apply brute force to bypass obstacles like prison bars, locked gates, or a tree that’s fallen across the road. An advantage or tool of some kind might be required to smash, break, or otherwise bypass something that’s reinforced. Of course, Physique is the classic skill for arm-wrestling matches and other contests of applied strength, as well as marathons or other endurance-based challenges.

Apply brute force, often in a physical conflict, to gain an edge. Typically, this takes the form of grappling and holding someone in place, rendering them Pinned or Locked Down, but could also result in a situation aspect like Crate-Choked Passage or I Loosened It Up For You.

Counter attempts to create physical advantages against you, given the right circumstances. For example, you might interpose something heavy and brace it to block access, or push others out of the way of an incoming physical attack.


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