The Perception skill represents a character’s overall ability to pick out details at a glance, and other powers of observation.

Spotting or reacting to something in the environment, often in a timely manner. This includes hearing the faint sound of a twig snapping behind you, spotting a concealed gun in that mail carrier’s waistband, and searching a cluttered room for the evidence you need.  Note that this isn’t license for the GM to call for Perception rolls left and right to see how generally observant a character is; that’s boring. Instead, call for a Perception roll when both success and failure would have equally interesting results.

Discover something new and advantageous in the environment via direct observation. You might look over a room for details that stand out, find an escape route in a debris-filled building, Perception someone sticking out in a crowd, and so on. This advantage can often manifest as a situation aspect. For example, you might spy Hidden Handholds in a wall, find a Weak Point in a Laufpanzer’s armor plating, or chance upon some Distinctive Spoor in the course of tracking the Jersey Devil. When you’re watching people, Perception can tell you what’s going on with them externally; for subtler, more internal changes, use Insight.

Watch over an area to detect people trying to use Stealth or Burglary to infiltrate it.


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