Intimidate covers your character’s ability to Inspire fear in others, effectively using the threat of violence to cow or manipulate them. Particularly heinous individuals might include torture as part of their Intimidate attempts.
This skill requires that your opponents can feel fear—for example, robots and water-clock  zombies typically can’t be intimidated. Usually, they can’t deliberately intimidate you, either.

Scare someone into getting what you want, if the situation is framed as an obstacle rather than a contest or a conflict. This will often happen when you’re going up against nameless NPCs or it isn’t worthwhile to play out the particulars.

Threaten. This could take the form of an aspect, such as discovering a target’s aspects by seeing how they respond to your intimidation attempt. It could also take the form of psyching someone out in a conflict—forcing them into a defensive posture, startling them, or otherwise using your intimidating presence to create a momentary advantage. In mental conflict, it allows you to bring in particular threats or circumstances in the scene to enhance the effect of your efforts, like  brandishing a weapon or reminding the target that there’s no one around to help them.

Inflict mental harm by destroying the target’s confidence and resolve. Keep in mind that your relationship with the target and the circumstances you’re in figure a great deal into whether or not you can use this skill. However, Intimidate doesn’t require you to know how to get to your opponent beforehand—negative emotion is a universal enough language that as long as you’re in the right situation, you can make mental attacks. Not all attacks with Intimidate have to take the form of cowing the opponent—you can also use it to bring about another uncontrolled, negative emotional response, like anger or loss of composure.
Defend against Intimidate with Will.


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