The Infiltrate skill covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. This skill also includes a proficiency in related tech, allowing the character to hack security systems, disable alarm systems, and the like.

Engage in theft or infiltration. Bypassing locks and traps, pickpocketing and filching, covering your tracks, and other such activities all fall under the purview of this skill.

Case a location. With Infiltrate, you can determine how hard it will be to break into the target and what kind of security you’re dealing with, as well as discover any exploitable vulnerabilities. You can also examine the work of other burglars to determine how a particular heist was done, and discover aspects related to whatever evidence they may have left behind.

Make a building (or something else) secure with locks or traps. This includes foiling investigation efforts and blocking attempts at infiltration by others using the same skill.



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