Cover ID

Special agents live and die by their ability to keep a wall between the straight world and their life as an infiltrator. For sure there’s a bleeding edge of proxies who don’t conceal their identities from their allies.   Characters can also use Cover to help other sentinels evade identification.
Cover represents a character’s ability to maintain false identities, be prepared with false identification, resist identification by inisght, or thwart attempts to trace their activities back to
their real life via Investigate.
Because characters all have a Rep tied to their resources, false identities don’t hold up unless backed by a reputation.   Cover therefore also covers appropriating, mimicking, or outright renting a reputation in order to back up a false identity.
Stealing a specific person’s identity requires the use of Infosec, but Cover would thereafter be used to masquerade digitally as that person.

Overcome: Use overcome actions with Cover to establish a false identity, manipulate bureaucracy to evade authorities, or to leave false trails for pursuers.

Create an Advantage: Use Cover to evade attempts to trace your real identity, to gain an advantage in Reputation contests by falsifying your credentials, or to fool the opposition by forging credentials. You can also use your own stable of aliases and false reputations to create advantages for other sentinels on your team.

Attack: Cover is not used to attack.

Defend: Cover is used to defend against attacks aimed at tracking the character’s identity or physical location. It can also be used to throw off Investigate attempts with false information.

Cover ID

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