Contacts is the skill of knowing people and making connections with them, especially in a pinch. The better you are with Contacts, the better your information network.

Poll your social networks for information. Whether that’s old-fashioned “man on the street” type of work or searching archives and computer databases, you’re able to hunt down information (or people). Note that in the case of finding a specific person, a successful roll doesn’t necessarily give you immediate access to them, depending on the situation. For example, if the research scientist in question is currently detained by the authorities, that’ll be a separate obstacle to overcome (maybe using Contacts, maybe using some other skill).

Leverage your contacts to get the word on the street about a particular individual, object, or location. “Hey guys, my contacts tell me that Joe Steel is the Best Mechanic For A Thousand Miles—we should talk to him.” These aspects almost always deal with reputation more than fact, such as Known Sycophant or Notorious Swindler. Whether that person lives up to their reputation is anybody’s guess, though that doesn’t invalidate the aspect. (People often have misleading reputations about themselves that complicate their lives.) Likewise, you can use your contacts the other way—to plant information, probably false, for someone else to discover.

Counter an opponent’s attempts to create social advantages against you, provided your information network can be brought to bear in the situation.


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