Software is your talent at writing and modifying software code. Use Software to write new programs, modify or patch existing software, break copy protection, find or introduce exploitable flaws, write viruses or worms, design virtual settings, and so on.
Software also handles issuing orders to bots, programming nanoswarm behaviors, and nanofabrication.

Overcome: Overcome actions with Software include efforts to create or modify existing code to
patch unintentional holes or intentional exploits, break protections, etc. Software can also be used to give complex orders to bots or nanoswarms that won’t be under the character’s direct control.

Create an Advantage: Software you create with Software could cause a variety of advantages, either immediately, on a delay, or at a trigger.  Nanofabrication also uses the Software skill to create objects using a fabber, or maker. If you have appropriate blueprints and raw materials, no roll is required. If you wish to create an item for which you do not have blueprints or the proper raw materials, or you wish to alter an item’s design, then that will call for a skill roll.

Attack: Software isn’t used to directly attack (though advantages you create could effectively attack digital entities).

Defend: Program isn’t used to defend.


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