Investigate is the art of analyzing evidence, piecing together clues, solving mysteries, and making logical deductions from groups of facts. It’s a counterpart to Notice. Notice revolves around situational alertness and surface observation; Investigate revolves around concentrated effort and in-depth scrutiny, the conscious search for clues or pieces of a puzzle.
Investigate also covers research using the mesh: searching, sifting through, mining, and interpreting data. This includes knowing where to look, what links to follow, and how to optimize
your queries.
Actions like doctoring a crime scene, removing DNA traces of a sentinel team’s presence from a given locale, or planting a false trail using physical evidence also use this skill.

Overcome: Investigate obstacles are all about information that’s hard to uncover for some reason. It could be used to determine the likely sequence of events at a crime scene, determine a possible social connection between two people, or deduce how an enemy made their escape.
Investigate is a great way to provide clues to players, especially when the subject matter is something their character might know well but the player does not. Racing against the clock to
collect evidence before others show up or disaster occurs is a classic way to use the skill in a challenge. 

Create an Advantage: Investigate is probably one of the most versatile skills you can use to create an advantage. As long as you’re willing to take the time, you can find out just about anything about anyone, discover nearly any detail about a place or object, or otherwise make up aspects about nearly anything in the game world that your character could reasonably unearth.
If that sounds broad, consider the following as just a few of the possibilities for using Investigate: eavesdropping on a conversation, looking for clues at a crime scene, examining records, verifying the truth of a piece of information, conducting surveillance, and researching a cover story.
Given the technology in the setting, much of this can be attempted remotely (though there are just as many methods of counter-surveillance.)

Attack: Investigate cannot be used to attack.
Defend: Investigate cannot defend.


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