Infosec is short for “information security.”
It encompasses training in electronic intrusion and counter-intrusion techniques, as well as encryption and decryption.  Infosec can also be used by characters to scan for digital virus. It is often used in conjunction with a CIST to hack secure systems.

Overcome: Infosec allows you to overcome obstacles relating to hacking into or protecting electronic devices and mesh networks. See the Mesh chapter, p. 98, for more details.
When used to check for the exsurgent virus, Infosec detects the virus on a success—although success at a cost might suggest further infection risk.

Create an Advantage: You can case a system with Infosec to determine how hard it will be to break into and what kind of security you’re dealing with, as well as discover any vulnerabilities you might exploit. You can also examine the work of other hackers to determine how a particular
heist was done and create or discover aspects related to whatever traces they may have left behind. You can also use Infosec to bolster a system.
The digital form of the exsurgent virus is extraordinarily hard to neutralize completely, but it can be slowed down. Against a digital virus taking over a station network, for example, Infosec could be used to create advantages via delaying tactics.

Attack: Infosec can be used for scorching attacks against AIs, Ship and station systems or other computer systems.

Defend: Infosec can defend against hacking attacks to the self and exposure to digital strains of the exsurgent virus.


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