Biotech is the applied care and maintenance of biological beings and life.
Use Biotech when you need to apply medical care, including conducting physical exams, diagnosing ailments, treating problems and illnesses, first aid, surgery, using biotech and nanotech medical tools, and long-term care.
This skill only covers medical practice; skills relating to bedside manner are handled through social skills, such as Insight or Diplomacy.
Biotech also covers psychosurgery: the use of machine-aided psychological techniques to repair, damage, or manipulate the psyche. Biotech allows using psychosurgcial techniques to edit minds,
help patients who remember their deaths, ease adjustment to new clones, or resolve other mental traumas. Psychosurgical techniques can also be used to interrogate, torture, or otherwise mess with captive minds in a VR environment.

Overcome: You use Biotech to diagnose and address physical and mental health concerns, such as determining if someone’s cough is just the common cold or a dreadful contagion, setting a broken limb, treating a gunshot wound or mental disorder, and so on. You can also use for in-depth knowledge into a particular medical field or to tell if someone is faking an illness.
Biotech can also be used to address a morph consequence. In its psychosurgical usage, Biotech is used to remove and alter aspects relating to the psyche.

Create an Advantage: In addition to determining any ailments, Biotech can be used to
bolster someone—administering a genetic cocktail to Boosted Stamina without putting them into danger, for instance.  Biotech only covers genuine treatments. If you’re administering a placebo,
that falls under Guile.  Used for psychosurgery, Biotech can create aspects on a subject.

Attack: Biotech cannot be used to attack. Biotech can be used to indirectly harm, such as by administering a poison or intentional mistreatment.  For a direct attack with a syringe or
medical instrument, use CQB.

Defend: Biotech cannot be used to defend.


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